FB Design is a company established in 1971 by Fabio Buzzi, mechanical engineer and offshore pilot, with the purpose of studying and building high performance motor boats as well as marine transmissions known as Trimax drives, now produced inpartnership with the German ZF Corporation.

In more than 40 years of activity the company has won a total of 52 World Championships and set 56 world speed records established in all existing classes, both UIM and APBA in USA.

Apart from the competitive powerboat field, the company took advantage of the experience in making fast racing boats and began to extend the production also to the military field. In the last 15 years, FB Design has developed a full range of military boats, adopted by the top Military and Coast Guard Organisations worldwide.
FB Design also makes very fast leisure boats for very demanding customers that want at the same time very high performances and reliability.
At present the main thrust of FB Design’s activity is devoted to the construction of high speed patrol boats on behalf of many naval organisations all over the world, and self-righting Search & Rescure vessels.